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The SMS monitoring alarm system for ultra low temperature freezer

Ultra low temperature freezer SMS monitoring alarm system, is the alarm application of the SMS monitoring alarm system for Freeze Dryer .

Mobile Phone is the communication tools which people use every day, SMS is a more important means of communication for people's daily communication. Our use of mobile phone text messages to business management in the day-to-day work, and this is one of the most advanced, most convenient concept of mobile applications. Hospital, Institute of Medicine and other units of laboratory cryogenic refrigerator temperature monitoring requirements, monitoring and alarm solution using SMS. The program will provide the user with a set of remote power monitoring, remote cryogenic monitoring, remote alarm, data acquisition and transmission system of a feature-rich, high cost. The program can also be in accordance with the requirements of the customer, easy to expand, including remote anti-theft SMS monitoring, Laboratory Incubator smog and humidity monitoring, laboratory toxic gases and combustible gas concentration monitoring can be very easy to access.

The implementation of this program will allow managers carry mobile phone into a cryogenic refrigerator monitor. Once power, the refrigerator temperature once exceeded (or once the doors and windows are opened illegally, the room temperature and humidity exceeded, monitor gas concentrations exceeded), the system will send SMS alarm phone in a timely manner to the relevant personnel, management personnel can also send text messages at any time command to query the current state of monitoring and The use of this ULT Deep freezer will help improve laboratory safety factor, to improve the the security warning efficiency, reduce the potential danger and loss.

 Functional Description

UPS monitoring alarm: for UPS monitoring and alarm, to ensure that the low-temperature refrigerator equipment managers know of a mains failure. Features include:

SMS alarm: when the UPS occurred the following question, give management personnel phone sent SMS alarm: ① The City electrical abnormalities, UPS turn battery operation; ② The UPS low battery, the battery will be depleted; ③ The the UPS communication is lost or cut off the load power supply; ④ the UPS equipment new batteries need to be replaced; ⑤ UPS device begins to go to the bypass work; ⑥ UPS unknown fault

Control SMS: send an SMS command to close or open the UPS (optional feature, not recommended);

The status query: Administrator texting UPS can query the current state;

Power failure alarm monitoring: customers and may not use UPS, but also on the the room power outages monitor and alarm. In this case, you need to configure the power failure detector, managers know of a mains failure.

The cryogenic refrigerator temperature monitoring alarm: for the refrigerator temperature monitoring and alarm temperature measuring device uses customers' existing low temperature measuring device or provided by the customer. Features include:

SMS alarm: When the the refrigerator temperature value exceeds the set range, the system will give managers the phone automatically send text messages to the alarm;

The status query: send an SMS commands, you can query the current temperature of each refrigerator;

Data acquisition and real-time display: when the customer needs the refrigerator temperature value is displayed in real time and recorded the data acquisition software. Customers to provide a PC, the PC machine and SMS devices connected via the serial port. Features include:

Real-time access to the value of the temperature of the transmission of SMS Equipment

To show refrigerator temperature changes in real time on a PC

Historical data query, statistical analysis, and Print

Phone end monitoring system: the software installed on the mobile phone of the management staff, the current temperature of the administrator to send commands, you can check the current status of each UPS, query each laboratory refrigerator.

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