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How can we ensure the competitiveness of the laboratory refrigerator

Laboratory refrigerators, deep refrigerator, ultra low temperature freezer is a protection for the user's samples, and how to make the protection more secure? It is need we to solve.

For a long time, we have to promote the research, development and production for our products, to improve our technology R & D and innovation capability. But, more importantly, requires the hardware of the production line as the support.

Our devices did selected high-performance equipment in the refrigeration industry:

1. The foaming uses advanced CFC-free foam machine C5H100 system, to ensure the foam insulation quality of ultra low temperature freezers;

2. Vacuum step using Leybold vacuum pump D30C, and to ensure the degree of vacuum of the refrigeration system;

3. Refrigerant adopts the international advanced Anke PROMAX-2 filling platform perfused refrigeration system to ensure the quality of the product, to ensure that the refrigeration system to achieve the best cooling effect;

4. Detection equipment international famous Yingfukang E3000 leak detector for leak detection products to ensure the reliability of the inspection.

We had formed a production capacity of an annual output of 20,000 sets of scientific research and medical refrigerators, each product teams, make new products from research and development, trial, to the production and sales, this cycle significantly shortened. The series of -86 degrees Celsius ultra low temperature manufactured in our production line, improved the competitiveness of the company's products; Through the efforts of the technicians and production staff, -150 degrees Celsius Cryo freezer, blood refrigerator and range of products off the production line in the manufacturing center, into the market, our products with more competitive in the market, important, we provided protection for the user's samples.

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