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Manual Defrost, Digital Display Suitable for hospitals, blood banks, epidemic prevention, electronic and chemical laboratories, research institutes, biological engineering institutes and marine fishery companies. Designed to store various biological products, including viruses, germs, erythrocytes, cutis, and some other laboratory materials.

-86C Ultra low temperature freezer

-86C Ultra low temperature freezer

Product Details

Place of Origin:  Qingdao,Shandong,China(mainland)
Type:  -86 Degree ULT Freezers
Tags:   ULT Freezer Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Payment & Shipping Terms

Price:  Negotiable
Minimum Order Quantity:  1set
Payment Terms:  T/T L/C
Product Description

Refrigeration System

-86C Ultra low temperature freezer

Optimized cascade refrigeration technology, SECOP compressor to reach a high efficient refrigeration effect;

Specially designed Heat Exchanger, heat transfer high efficient, save Energy;

CFC-Free overall situ polyurethane foaming insulation;

CFC-Free refrigerant.

Temperature control

Microprocessor control, digital display of inner temperature, the inner temperature can be adjustable at the range of -10℃~-86℃;

LCD running status and alarm information;

Over temperature alarm system, set the alarm temperature as requirements;

Safety Control

Malfunction malfunction alarms: high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, Sensor failure, Power failure alarm, Door jammed, low valtage of backup battery;

Two alarming methods: buzzer alarming and digital flashing alarming;

Protection function: power-on delay, time between stops; 

 Ergonomic Design

Safety door lock, preventing unauthorized access;

Wide voltage design from 187V to 242V;

Maintenance free ondensor design;

25mm access port;

Pressure-balanced port design, easy to open the door;

Heavy type caster and locking adjustable screw, easy to move and fix.


Racks and Boxes;

Multifunctional paperless recorder;

7-days Temperature recorder.

 Technical Parameters 


Model DW86L450-T DW86L570-T DW-86W90 DW-86W530
Capacity(L) 450 575 90 530
Temp. set Range -20~-86℃ -20~-86℃ -10~86℃ -10~86℃
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Shelves 3 3
Exterior Dimensions(mm)(W×D×H) 840×840×1990 1000×840×1990 700×700×955 1810×830×955
Interior Dimensions(mm)(W×D×H) 580×575×1310 740×575×1310 440×440×470 1300×570×610
Package Dimensions(mm)(W×D×H) 920×920×2020 1080×920×2020 780×780×1075 1890×910×1075
Net/Gross Weight(kg) 287/310 300/325 135/160 293/318
Container load 20'/40'/40'H 12/24/24 10/20/20 28/60/60 12/24/24


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