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The Biological Safety Cabinet provides a sterile operating panel for laboratiries, medical treament, pharmaceuticals, and scientific study and research. The Biological Safety Cabinet can effectively prevent the spread of microorganisms and genes. It can keep the operators from being infected by the possible viruses during the operation by providing a safe, non-bacterial and clean working environment.

BSC-1200IIA2 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

BSC-1200IIA2 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

Product Details

Place of Origin:  Qingdao,Shandong,China(mainland)
Type:  Class II Biosafety cabinet
Tags:   Biological Safety Cabinet

Payment & Shipping Terms

Price:  Negotiable
Minimum Order Quantity:  1set
Payment Terms:  T/T L/C
Product Description

Biological Safety cabinet-BSF

1. AFF filter (made in the US) ensures a safe operating environment for the operators, samples and working condition

2. High-efficient fan ensures an excellent performance of the cabinet

3. The suspension system of front glass balancer is our patented technology, can prevent any leakage. The 6mm-thick anti-ultraviolet toughened front glass guarantees the safety

4. Stainless steel water tap and gas tap

5. Three sides of the inner wall are all stainless steel and adopt integrated structure. 12mm arc design provides easy and thorough clean of the operation panel.

6. Splash-proof plug base

7. The capacity of the fluid collecting slot is more than 4Liters, equipped with blow-down valve, easy to clean and maintain.

8. Split style design you can separate the cabinet and its bracket. The footing on the bracket is firm and stable with the adjustable height up to 75mm



Model BSC-1200IIA2
Voltage/Frequency 220V/50Hz
Cleanliness Class CLASS 10 @ ≤0.3
Downflow Air Velocity 0.32±0.015m/s
Inflow Air Velocity 0.62±0.015m/s
Illumination ≥1100Lx
Noise ≤64dB(A)
UV Light ≥30W
Exterior Dimensions(mm) 1360×780×2200
Interior Dimensions(mm) 1200×610×680
Packing Dimensions(mm)  1470×900×2150
Operator 1-2


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