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Dental instruments washing and disinfection machine is mainly made of cleaning frame, cleaning system, flushing system and control circuit, etc. It can be connected to cool, heat, deionized water to clean, disinfect and dry all kinds of Dental instruments and lab glassware.

Dental instruments washing and disinfection machine

Dental instruments washing and disinfection machine

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Place of Origin:  QINGDAO, CHINA
Type:  Washing Disinfector
Tags:   washing disinfector dental instruments disinfection machine

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Price:  Negotiable
Minimum Order Quantity:  1set
Payment Terms:  T/T L/C
Product Description

Dental instruments washing and disinfection machine important role:
1. Reduce the the possibility of infection in the processing of manual washing for staff, reduce labor intensity.


2. Eliminate the challenges of quality management for manual washing and disinfection, to ensure the quality of washing, Reduce the possibility of the medical malpractice and occupational diseases to minimum.

3. Variable direction of the high-pressure high-temperature water injection by over 10 vents, a full range of continuous flushing, the effect is far better than the manual or ultrasonic washing.

4. To solve the problem of manual or ultrasonic can not washing dental handpieces intracavity, no any residue after washing, to facilitate the subsequent autoclave sterilization

5. Significantly reduce the high damage of expensive equipment such as dental handpieces druing the manual washing, to reduce actual expenditures.

6. Blocking the approach of cross-infection and protect the physical and mental health of health care workers and patients.

washing ability:
1. Equipped washing baskets for dental instruments; 1-30 dental handpieces can be clean simultaneously;
2, Equipped laboratory washing basket for surgical instruments, commonly used laboratory instruments or conventional surgical instruments can be clean in the Dental instruments washing and disinfection machine;

Cleaning Frame (optional)

With design idea of durable, using medical stainless sectional material, full mould type process,full assembly line production, reducing product cost, thus ensure the ultrahigh cost performance.

Cleaning frame can be customized separately according to users' defferent requirement 

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