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MP300 digital melting point apparatus is integrated with photoelectric detection, digital temperature display and other technologies, boasts automatic display of initial and final melts and other functions. In the temperature system, linearly calibrated platinum resistor is used as the detection device, offering efficient and accurate test process and results. The apparatus can be widely used in the chemical industry and medicine research and is essential for the production of medicines, spices, dyes and measurement of other organic crystal substances.

MP300 Melting Point Apparatus

MP300 Melting Point Apparatus

Product Details

Place of Origin:  Qingdao,Shandong,China(mainland)
Type:  Melting Point Apparatus
Tags:   Melting Point Apparatus

Payment & Shipping Terms

Price:  Negotiable
Minimum Order Quantity:  1set
Payment Terms:  T/T L/C
Product Description
Advanced true-color VGA touch screen is easy for operation and observation;
8-level linear temperature rise design is satisfactory for varied temperature rise options;
*Three independent temperature detection systems ensure the detection of three samples of varied melting points;
Wider temperature control scope and higher temperature accuracy;
Optimal cooling rate and sample test speed;
The variation curve of tested sample can be displayed in a timely manner;
RS232 interface, associated computer software and external computer control are available;
Detailed test data can be stored;
Exclusive integral design;
It’s completely in line with pharmacopeia and GLP requirements.
Technical data:
Melting point detection scope: Room temperature+5℃ - 400℃
“Initial temperature” setting rate: ≤7min. from room temperature+5℃ to 400℃
                                                             ≤7.5min. from 400℃ to room temperature
Min. displayed temperature: 0.1℃
Temperature accuracy: ±0.4℃(<200℃),±0.7℃(<300℃)
Linear temperature rise rate: 0.1℃/min, 0.2℃/min, 0.5℃/min, 1℃/min, 2℃/min, 3℃/min, 4℃/min or 5℃/min
Standard capillary size: Inside dia. 1.0mm, outside dia. 1.4mm
Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz
Power: 150W
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